The Company

Relational Dynamics at Work helps organizations and individuals alike, grow. Our niche, and what separates us from everyone else, is coaching and consulting through a passion for understanding complex personalities, behaviors, and systems, and how they intersect on the organizational and individual level. We work with Leaders, Managers, Executives, Business Owners, Teams, Departments, Outplacement Professionals, Employees, Individuals, and anyone else interested in changing lives and organizations for the better.


The Founder

Relational Dynamics at Work was founded by Thomas Billings, Jr. who grew up a pastor's kid and started out his professional career in ministry, holding such roles as Associate Pastor, Youth Pastor, and College Ministry Director. He has always had a love and excitement for studying people, groups, culture, and history. He quickly realized he had a talent for putting people in positions to succeed, and for helping programs to thrive and flourish. After holding direct positions in ministry, he began consulting and coaching churches and non-profits, which in turn led to consulting and coaching executives, leaders, business owners, teams, and employees. He is highly regarded by his peers and has become an expert in developing and enhancing human capital, the Birkman Method, and Generational and Cultural issues in the workplace.