The Company

Relational Dynamics at Work helps small businesses grow. Our niche, and what separates us from everyone else, is a laser focus on leadership development, the functioning of teams, and the supportive systems to enhance the growth potential of the organization. We do this by employing 12 strategies, all specifically connected to these three areas of focus, and uniquely connected to each new client.


The Founder

Relational Dynamics at Work was founded by Thomas Billings, Jr. who grew up a pastor's kid and began his professional career working for, and alongside churches. Early on, he had success in putting people in positions to succeed, and for helping programs to thrive and flourish. He also had a passion for working with Small Groups and Executive Pastors. All of this led to coaching and consulting pastors and churches which in turn led to nonprofits, and then businesses. He is highly regarded by his peers and has become an expert in developing and enhancing human capital, implementing supportive systems, the Birkman Method, and generational and cultural issues in the workplace.